TOOU is not just a manufacturer of home furnishings.

It is the realization of a utopia: to create ergonomic, accessible and versatile designs applied to everyday objects.

Conceived for both interior and exterior furnishing, for singles and communities alike, with a cross-fit aesthetic that adjusts to every living style, TOOU objects are designed and built for each one of us.

Since 2015, TOOU has been combining the best of the European and Asian cultures to create design objects that take account of people above all. TOOU was born out of Europe’s indisputable taste for design, in its Italian, Swiss and Northern European interpretations.

The creative heart of TOOU lies in Italy, where all designs take shape and the upholsteries are tailored following accurate researches on materials and colour combinations.

The development and mass-production of TOOU’s moulds are entrusted to a company with over 30 years of experience in the sector, making the best use of its consolidated experience in the manufacturing of plastic products for renowned furniture industry partners. Both moulds and finishes rely on the same care for detail and high-quality standards employed in the production of components for a demanding sector such as the automotive industry.

Our primary goal is to make each object as desirable, affordable and customizable as possible, making use of a wide range of materials, shapes and colours, in order to turn a mass-produced product into a highly personal one.
Our products are the material realization of strong, detailed ideas. TOOU aims to create long-lasting objects, both in construction and in aesthetics.

Silhouettes and volumes that will become the trustworthy companions of your own domestic landscape.